Welcome to folkswriter.com

Many years ago I started a web site called folkswriter.com. It sprung from my love of folk music and an unbridled drive for civic activism crossed with the fact that I had no musical talent and was tone deaf. It’s quite a dilemma! So the site focused on the written word in the spirit of folk music. Sometimes it was little more than a diary (the word “blog” wasn’t in common use yet) and sometimes helped me record learnings and reflections on folk music.

Then some years later I suffered a significant head injury and lost many of the components of my former life. Keeping track of such things life web sites was impossible for years. The web site and my writings there were among the missing. I stopped attending music festivals and this left a hole in my spirit.

Since then I’ve gradually pulled the pieces back together. I now have the luxury of a little time and a few dollars to devote to my love of folk music.

Today, August 31, 2019, I relaunched folkswriter.com along with the Facebook page folkswriter and @folkswriter Twitter account. The specific intent is to segregate my social activism and artistic pursuits from other social media and published channels. Maybe there’s a joke there about folk music not playing nice in the mainstream of society today but I’ll leave that for another post.

Thanks for visiting and please share feedback.