There is a growing belief that truth is a matter of perception. It is not that simple.

The professional field of coaching deals extensively with the issue of truth. The coaching approach is purely practical; useful for soliciting results, not a philosophical approach to the topic. A common approach is to introduce new terminology: “truth” with a “little t” and “Truth” with a “big T”. The sole purpose is to allow further discussion in dissecting the practicality of the topic of truth. The common usage is that little t is what is true for you and big T is what is true by another standard that commands some level of authority. For example, “Truth” might be the facts that withstand vigorous challenge in court. In contrast, “truth” might turn out to be a limiting belief held only by you.

The main benefit of taking this practical approach is to realize that we get to define “truth” for ourselves as we see fit. We do not get to define “Truth” as defined by social forces that are perhaps more forceful than our own beliefs.

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