Blink Review: “The Un-Trumping of America: A plan to make America a democracy again” by Dan Pfeiffer

This is a review of the Blinkist text and audio of “The Un-Trumping of America: A plan to make America a democracy again” by Dan Pfeiffer. This is the summary excerpt:

“Despite everything that Donald Trump has done during his time in the White House, he’s not the biggest threat to American democracy. Dan Pfeiffer believes that the Republican party as a whole – now thoroughly shot through with “Trumpism” – is a much greater and longer-term threat. The Democratic party needs to respond to this threat with fresh energy and ambitious, visionary plans.

Actionable advice: 

Get involved in politics.

It’s tempting to feel disillusioned by politics – or that you’re too insignificant to make a difference. Well, now is frankly not the time to feel like that. There are all sorts of steps you can do to support change in the political process, from proudly expressing your political affiliations online to donating money. Don’t forget – the presidency isn’t the only show in town. So much politics happens on a smaller scale than that: there’s always something to get involved with. Could you even run for office yourself?”

One of the author’s strongest positions is that the damage done to the Supreme Court by denying Justice Garland will cause a loss of public respect and support by Americans for decades to come. He feels this requires a retaliatory and corrective action. He lists possible corrections for this and the other damaging actions to ensure that this cannot ever happen to us again.

I am now clear that my most effective contribution is offering accounting and governance services to organizations that can make a difference. I helped launch a handful of new nonprofit groups this past year, also launched a political action committee and acted as campaign treasurer to three candidates. I’ve ruled out running as a candidate myself. The projects I’m most concerned about focus on educating and registering voters for mail-in balloting. I’ve distanced myself from Trump supporters and would not knowingly support, serve, hire or allow a Trump supporter as a guest in my home or businesses.

Making sure that my Republican Party can never allow this to happen again by registering and enrolling more voters in mail-in voting options is the best thing I can do as the first step on this long road to recovery.

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